Case Study

Company Profile

As a leading payment service provider in Japan, our customer had a huge data centre infrastructure set-up.

But their current working model lacked effective monitoring and maintenance.

A reactive troubleshooting process would be initiated only once the server was down. This not only cost them loss of business but it also resulted in taxing restarts.

Major Payment Service Provider

  • Based in Tokyo, Japan
  • Established in late 90’s
  • Capital: USD 1.5B +

Issues and Challenges

  • Increasing Total Cost of Operations and plan IT budget strategically
  • Resources locked up in monitoring and support operations
  • Lack of efficiency due to no service level management
  • Poor performing vendor to share IT operations
  • Lack of robust compliance processes


  • Major cost reduction by 30% and easy forecasting of IT budget
  • Increased productivity and optimization through better staff utilization by 45%
  • Resources freed and started focusing on core business and important projects
  • Enforced compliance and adherence through well defined service level management
  • Trusted partnership with Vizitech for sharing responsibility, risks and rewards.
Resource Cost Reduction

ROI and Benefits Realization
Increase in IT Staff Productivity