Professional Services

Professional services of IT engineers in India

License number  [13-ユ-310503]

The IT engineer recruitment services of Vizitech

It is a placement service by the Indian IT company Vizitech, which has been providing software development and managed services since 2013. Based on the knowledge and experience as an IT company, we can promise recruiting excellent Indian engineers, who have experience with leading IT companies in India.

Strengths of Vizitech

Pune, home to Vizitech Solutions, is known as an academic city with numerous academic institutions and famous universities in India. Not only IT but it also has excellent research and training institutes, whom we can contact directly for high quality IT human resources.

Understand the technical requirements of the position and select engineers accordingly.

The selection process undergoes a tested and tried four step process.

1.Assess and confirm that the prospect possesses high technical skills

2.Test and rate his coding skills for the applicable technology

3.Carry out a reference check for his character and behavioural skills and capabilities.

4.Check, assess and rate his institution and his academic performance


It is an incentive-based compensation service fee and is not based on client’s ultimate hiring decision.